Saji-Ya is proud to serve traditional Japanese comfort food on Grand Avenue for over 35 years. We are passionate about creating food that is both delicious and beautiful with service that is always friendly.


BULLDOG SAUCE Savory Japanese “ketchup.”

DAIKON/DAIKON OROSHI Giant white radish.
Grated daikon is called “daikon oroshi.”

GOBO Pickled burdock root.

MAKI SUSHI A combination of vinegar-seasoned
rice and other items rolled in seaweed and sliced.

MASAGO Smelt roe.

NIGIRI Slices of raw fish over small pods of rice.

PONZU SAUCE Citrus-vinegar soy sauce.

SASHIMI Slices of raw fish.

WASABI Japanese-style horseradish; typically
incorporated into nigiri and maki sushi. Often
mixed to taste with soy sauce for dipping sushi.